No sooner than I shut my mouth the thoughts begin to fly around The carriage ways run north and south My preoccupations abound The still voice squashed beneath the din drowned out by the chaos called ‘life’ Is he I want to reach within And so my soul’s beset with strife As yet I have […]


I find myself awake at night A deep unease attends my soul I’m weary from the futile fight Endless running now burns my soles A cry for help I fain would raise But I fear my pleas would echo Off unseen walls for endless days So my heart sinks further below The place I dread […]

You Just Might Be the Problem

I know that most of us won’t check our emails over the course of the holidays except those who are absolutely obsessed with work (or have a superior breathing down our necks for a deliverable), so I decided to quickly throw in a parting shot…something to think about when we are eating a properly cooked […]


Lately, I’ve discovered something about myself I find very startling. I’ve been having these moments that sort of give brief glimpses into my soul sort of and what I see is a very impatient man. I call this insight ‘startling’ because nearly all my life, I’ve lived under the impression (or illusion) that I’m the […]

The Problem with Systems Part 2

My last article drew quite a number of remarks as expected. All of them nuanced to degrees that illustrate the variety of our collective psyche as a people. One thing I can definitely say is that whether by choice or circumstance, Nigerians are getting more and more involved in their politics…the passion is palpable. From […]

The Problem With Systems Pt. 1

What if the systems just don’t work? Part 1. I generally like to say “I told you so”. It is one of the many flaws in my character. This time however, I say it with a bit more gravity and humility than before. In the run up to the last general elections, I was often […]

Last Day of 2015

On this day of the year in the past, I always found myself in a pensive, reflective mood. I was also quite big on resolutions until my utter lack of follow through became evident with a litany of failures year after year. With time, I ditched the New Year’s Resolution bit but I held tightly […]