Man Made Gods: The Sequel

Hi there! Sincere apologies for the break in transmission. We have had to take some time off reviewing the seasonal ‘god’ catalogue to attend to a few issues. However, we’re back with a bang! In this edition, we will be looking closely at two of the ‘all-time’ greats. However, we must point out that these […]

Saying Goodbye to my 20s: The Sequel

About a week ago, I must have had something weird for lunch or dinner. This kept me up late into the night and during one of my runs (forgive the gory details), I decided to drag my iPad along with me.  I observed that I’ve been almost permanently in a state of reflection for the […]

Saying Goodbye to My 20s

The last decade for me has been a mishmash of all sorts. I think it can be aptly described as the age of the pendulum because in almost every area of my life, I swung to both extremes. In basic science, we’re told that the net displacement for a pendulum bob is zero. So though […]

It’s Live!!!

Hello all, the countdown has truly begun! We’re almost bipolar right now…part scared, part excited. As our dear friends and family who have been with us on this journey through the years, we ask you to fasten your seat belts and take one more spin with us. Everything will be on here…pictures, stuff we’re reading, […]


Yesterday,she received her dreams in a casket It was all she had,she’d put all her eggs in one basket. My hopes returned to me from a distant land Where I learned its blood had been spilled on the sand They immortalize the dead! What a grand irony! They will live forever,yes! Our pain,our agony. Compensate! […]

Watch This Space…

“WATCH THIS SPACE” This is the sacred announcement of life. Nature gives us the very same sequence, chirping birds announce to us the coming of spring; the loud cock-a-doodle-doo heralds the coming of dawn. A great sage-king of a distant land in a distant time said “there is a time for everything under the sun…a […]