INTRO: And Man said “Let us make God in our own image and likeness…”


Sometime after our evolution from Neanderthals, I cannot say for certain (and don’t really need to), man having developed that most advanced of capabilities called reason (or shall we say the enlarged frontal lobe), decided to create for himself a mysterious thing(being) called god. He magnanimously decided that this god should have authority over all(most) things including men(to a limited extent). Having duly assigned responsibilities, ‘life’ continued and was supposed to evolve further to a state of bliss.

Unfortunately, this bliss never quite materialized! If anything, unbridled chaos prevailed. At a point (don’t ask me when), it became obvious that the blueprint needed revision. The original plan clearly wasn’t working anymore. Sadly though, millions of years have since passed and with patent systems only being developed in the last century or so, it appears that the original design somehow got lost in translation! Anyway men being the resourceful beings that they are found a way around this dilemma. Each man (or groups of men) drawing on their vast synaptic resources re-created a new and improved version of this being-thing.

I’ve become a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to gods. I find the subject thoroughly fascinating. I have therefore taken it upon myself to compile a dossier on some of the most popular models that have been popular hits down the centuries.  I must say that it’s quite an eclectic collection showing the diversity of man’s ingenuity. Please join me on this journey as I release my Summer/Autumn 2015 catalogue “Man-made gods”. Trust me, there is a god here for everyone in the family. We’ve worked pretty hard to ensure that nobody is left out.


As a prelude to the catalogue, please see below our free sample.


A firm favourite with kids and adults alike, Santa god has been around for eons! Full of rhythmic laughter and cheer he is now associated with one of the most exciting commercial seasons of the annual calendar. He never really has much to do during the year except for monitoring the behaviour of human beings to help him compile his annual list of ‘good’ boys and girls. Santa god ‘lives’ to put a smile on his followers faces and his particular model is not bogged down by complex functionalities such as posing as the creator and stuff like that. He doesn’t demand prayers, wishes are just fine…or a sock by the fireplace the week of Christmas.

Santa god also doesn’t micro-manage people and has no complex ‘worship’ needs. All you need to do is to be good…however you choose to interpret that. By design, he doesn’t come with a long list of rules and regulations out of the box. And as with some of the other gods in this catalogue, once you’ve outgrown him, you can discard him. Quite convenient if you ask me.

Fans rating: 4 Stars

Catalogue rating: 3.5 Stars

Hope you enjoyed this free sample. Please watch this space in the next few days for the full catalogue.


One thought on “INTRO: And Man said “Let us make God in our own image and likeness…”

  1. Not certain how I bumped into this, but entertaining as always. Ironically laughable when we realise how badly we crave the freedom of godlessness and yet create being-things to control our behaviour.

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