It’s Live!!!

Hello all, the countdown has truly begun!

We’re almost bipolar right now…part scared, part excited.

As our dear friends and family who have been with us on this journey through the years, we ask you to fasten your seat belts and take one more spin with us.

Everything will be on here…pictures, stuff we’re reading, stuff we’re thinking, you know…..stuff!….so stick around.

We’re not forming William and Kate o…we just feel that we should share this with you, because based on our experience, there is a lot of hot air going on around. Weddings have become more important than marriage, the pomp, more visible than the substance. in the end, we feel like the vital stuff is left in the shadows. You may not agree with us but, we don’t buy it. So here is the deal; we promise to be real and honest and hopefully fun. 

Finally, we’re believers so a lot of things we share here will be based on our faith.

Tag along and feel free to leave comments. We’d like to hear your side too!


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