Yesterday,she received her dreams in a casket
It was all she had,she’d put all her eggs in one basket.
My hopes returned to me from a distant land
Where I learned its blood had been spilled on the sand

They immortalize the dead! What a grand irony!
They will live forever,yes! Our pain,our agony.
Compensate! But I ask how much is commensurate?
For eulogies and platitudes I’m afraid its too late.

In a land that can scarcely remember yesterday,
We’ve been told the sacrifice was for a brighter day.
For those whose desire is to forever rule and reign?
Or those who serve beneath the sun and falling rain?

The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain,
And the death of the heroes present has caused sorrow and pain
We’ll just hope and pray the price wasn’t too steep
For when you sow blood,you must fear what you shall reap!

In honour of the slain Children of Yobe

2 thoughts on “Requiem!!!

  1. When I read this, I felt helpless and hopeless.

    Really no words can help me get into the ineptitude and inadequacies of our forces over avoidable disasters. Surely, our children take priority over the ‘big men’ our solders are guarding! #KAI Certainly, nothing is well in this nation today, and to pay for it with the lives of children is an even higher level of “unwellness”!

    I’m not sure where we’re going, how or if we’re even going to get there, but to lose hope now is to lose it all!!!

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