Here Goes…

It’s really crazy, I know. I have heard that it happens even to the best of us, but somehow I just didn’t think it would be my turn someday. I have writer’s block. There, I said it!
The whole stream seems to have dried up, I cannot even boast of a single glass of creative juice. No prose, no poetry. The stinging wit has been dulled and sarcasm has been put to sleep. The painful thing is that, in an other-worldly sort of way, I can still sense that it is all there, I just can’t seem to access the mother lode.

This has been on for about 8 weeks now. Ironically, the last thing I wrote was a short story titled ‘8 Weeks’. Maybe I jinxed myself? At this point, anything is an acceptable reason (or excuse) for the dry spell.

“But you are writing” I hear you say, which is true, and rather obvious but I just don’t feel like I am in the zone yet. What do you do when you are out of the zone? As with many other instances in my life, I got the answer to this question from a very unlikely source. Very ‘Balaam-esque’ I must say, except that my unusual source of insight is not an animal. No, my answer came from an eleven year old, who happens to be one of my creative writing students.

In a presentation to his schoolmates, he said “write daily.” Solomon and Socrates combined couldn’t have put it better! So in the simple words of a pre-teen, I have found great wisdom. Hence, I decided to write this piece. It may not be the one that gets me nominated for a Nobel or Pulitzer, but it will keep me doing that which I truly love. It may not class me in the same breath as Camus or Achebe, but it will certainly get me a step closer.

The moral of the story is: sometimes in life, we get so caught up in the details that we forget to appreciate the things that are actually important. Whilst chasing perfection, do we give up on enjoyment? The wisdom of the elders teaches us that the process is as important as the product.

I love to write, period. I thus resolve to write. On good days and on bad days; whether it is brilliant stuff or absolute crap; should my pen birth sacred poetry or spew plodding prose. I will write, because I love it.

Writer? Or just someone who loves doing something and find that your enjoyment is cut off; you’ve got to learn to stick to it. Who knows? The whole world might just be counting on you.


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