Happy New Year!!!

Last year was just 24 hours ago. Interesting…or maybe not.

2012 was a weird year for me,in every sense of the word…in fact, maybe not weird…perhaps the right word is intense.

The good, the bad, the ugly…all came at me with such verve and gusto, at times I thought I was literally caught up in a hurricane.

It is over now though. Is it? Really? Did 24 hours really make that much of a difference? Is it truly a one-day miracle? Did all problems end? Are the slates truly wiped clean? Have all our ‘enemies’ dropped their weapons? We sure like to think so…creatures of hope that we are.

That, I think is a major lesson I learnt last year…don’t lose hope. After all said and done, it is truly what keeps us going. That picture of something better than what we currently see or experience.

This is what gives strength to the human spirit,what adds tenacity to our character. Without it, life is essentially prison time…nothing to quicken our hearts,nothing to spring our step.

As we have stepped into this new Year, we will find that no reset button was hit in the cosmos. Life didn’t pause, stop or rewind. The external circumstances most likely remain the same but we have one thing…we have hope.

Hope that this year will be better than the last, hope that today will be better than yesterday (no play intended) and that tomorrow will be even better.

Have hope. For what God says about hope, see Romans 5:5.

Happy New Year folks…

By the way, I am very hopeful that my writer’s block will clear and I’ll rediscover my ‘muse’.


One thought on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Nice to see you still come here once in a while! Do let the ‘human spirit clear the writer’s block please. have a wonderfl 2013.

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