The Hangman’s Noose

Crack! The slam of the gavel, the sound of judgement final
Quench the embers of hope, banish the soul to realms eternal
Sparks fly as the executioner grimly puts blade to wheel…
Never has the promise of dawn caused me such dread to feel,
The cock’s crow, messenger of light, turned harbinger of doom
Tomorrow I shall be a weeping bride, Hades my morbid groom
Guilt? Innocence? None of these matter now, a distant history
My crime? I dared to stand alone, a loose thread in the tapestry,
To be brave the undertow of the multitude, of humanity
In the vast sameness of life’s rank and file, the lone oddity
The coarse jute scrapes against flesh as the noose tightens
The final sights as I cross the Styx? Thunder and lightning….

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “The Hangman’s Noose

  1. Wonderful. You wield your brush like a master painter and create words that evoke pictures more visible than what I see before me.

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