Home. Comfort. These words used to be related, sometimes even synonymous….

Until it began. In our very abodes doomed birds of steel began to drop on us!

Fingers pointing in so many directions, like cocked guns,  like a classic mafia stand off….

Whilst in deep recesses, tears flow for a father, a friend, a lover, a daughter, a son of……

Its the airline, the authorities, its me, its you…you know what? Let’s blame God!

Or at least those ‘foolish’ enough to turn to Him in this hour….Idiots, no! Bloody turds!

Speak all the ‘grammar’ you want, I really don’t care much for your long speeches

Come back when your dad peeks into a bag and to bury what is left of him requires stitches!

Why not rant! You know….complain…make our voices heard. Scream, shout, tweet?

If we are loud enough, the raw sonic force will cause a rumble all the way to the power seat!

Not working! Not Yet! Bribes, counter bribes. Hunters being hunted, Prey carrying guns!

The din once caused by bomb blasts slowly becoming a murmur.  It just stings, no longer stuns!

The leaders haven’t gotten smarter, just greedier! Bellies fat, strong arms on the leash that keeps us in tow

A little room every now and then, creating the illusion that we are on the path to getting tropical snow!

The head of the pride starved, once a giant now a measly cretin. Little in strength, mighty as a whelp!

Makes me wanna shout ‘Wetin sef, Na only us’? Seriously, I am very tired even of crying out for help!

A terrible dilemma. The gods blame men. The Sons of Adam blame Fate. All these make my nerves grate!

So I ask. What do we really do? Should we all just pack it in and call it off? Is there real hope or is it too late?

Then I ask, what is the alternative? If everything seems impotent, are we to sit aside and simply do nothing?

No! We will tweet, we will march, we will scream and we will shout. We will fight and yes, send a plea to Heaven!

We’ll keep pressing forward till we see that change. Who knows? Maybe even in this day, this age!

We all, whether we like it or not belong to another kingdom but may this one be better off by our passage.


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