Not quite in love with a reflection in a pond I need to mention

Because the object of my affection has to it an extra dimension

Me, Myself, I…..Sigh. Nothing before or above me….Most high?

Plastic king with a paper crown…Behold my kingdom, The Lie!



Caught in a cyclic race, running pretty fast to nowhere

Things, Things and more things….The end of toil is near…

I shall soon rest from labouring to fill my bottomless pit

With all the stuff that I perceive can in the endless hollow fit



The more of all, the less of everything….an utterly grave punishment

Every day, my cross-hairs trying to fix on a constantly moving target

One more! One more push, thrust, word, coin, bauble, day, friend…….

And then….Slowly….Painfully….I realize…I ask ‘Does it ever end’?



No rope, no pills, no slash to the wrist or standing on a cliff with a wish

Yet, I have to get out of the bloody pond filled with remains of dead fish

Shall I continue to live in the realm of the dead or Die in the land of the living?

Not an easy trade, but the litter of cadavers around make me quite willing



My heart still beats, vital signs showing I still belong to this planet.

‘You should be dead’ says the voice in my head and I retort…’Be quiet’!

All around me, air made putrid by decay…Hand of the reaper called Grim

I wasn’t supposed to make it, I was told many that my chances were slim….


To be continued……


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