We Want More Than The Wars Of Our Fathers

We’re told they fought for us to be free only we see, they simply will not let us be

The shackles that once held slaves and ruled colonies have made way for subsidies and policies

Thoughts of wicks of their day, long burnt out sticks; For to this day, darkness still speaks for reasons that defy all the logic of the Greeks

The rulers fleece the people and for justice we must sail seas, lest they roam free to spread disease

The common man is restless and can’t care less for in the mind of the ‘higher ups’, he is but nameless and faceless…..

Useful only for parade in a process we all know is a charade…since to all, the benefits do not cascade; Time and again, we know we’re being played

We have no work and so we daily pray for good luck and not the lame duck that sits atop the rock eating with a golden fork, what must be foreign pork

So many cakes for us Providence did bake yet, we cannot headway make; Forgetting posterity’s sake, they lay claim to all the stakes- They drink whole lakes whilst we cannot our thirst slake

Poverty of soul has made us accept the ignominious role where it is every man’s goal to pocket the public dole in the interest of ‘Sole’

Missing expats and gun spats gave rise to experts in bomb blasts…How long will this last? Before we’re smashed into irreconcilable parts?

We weep whilst we’re fed a ton of lip but it’s the man on the strip who pays the prices steep each day hoping to make a leap but sucked instead into the deep

Now all news seem to be bad, talk about how the land stews….each man with his own view while we try to settle the rest sitting at our church pews

Has it come? The day when we say ‘It’s ok to pray” but to stop there Nay! E don dey turn fight, no more time for play!

So we continue to grumble whilst we’re humbled by the way everything continues to tumble….Hmmm! I hear a rumble in the jungle

Supplanters they will call us, full of venom as Adders, we’re simply tired and can’t go further…Yes! We want more than the wars of our fathers!


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