They Must Think We’re Fools

Surely, they must know by now that talk is cheap….

Those who sow blood must fear what they shall reap!

Aso! Rock? Palace? Citadel of Leadership or Dung heap?

Budgets and subsidies, many lies whilst their accounts make quantum leaps!

The wise trek desserts whereas the thieving lot sail the finest ships

They labour with their mouths, it’s called lip service!

They laugh and make merry ’cause their tummies are full

But worst of all, they think we’re all fools!

If we need foreign judges to jail a local thief

then we must prepare our hearts for all sorts of grief!

Heard the top man say “I’m not the best for this job”

We know already! Someone tell him to shut his gob!

Now its embers and grumbles…Missing expats and bomb blasts make the world shake

soon there will be hailstorms and earthquakes!

Yes! Let them laud the Looters, immortalize the Immoral and idolize the Idolaters

Whilst we stretch our bows, tighten our noose and polish our Sabres

We seethe with anger, our cauldron is truly full….

Somebody pray, tell this retards we’re a lot of things but not fools!


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