A Knock On Your Door….

I woke up with a thought dancing around my mind. Given that we are generally excited by the extraordinary and motivated by the supernatural….I quickly reached out and grasped it before the vagaries of daily life marched through crushing all in the path, before I caved in to the urge to preserve my existence instead of living. Who knows? Perhaps I’d just stumbled on the elixir of life, the cure for ageing or maybe even the key to Pandora’s box!

Truthfully, it is none of the above. However, the more I mull it over in my head, the clearer and more profound it becomes. It is simple though, call it a revelation if you will. It is nothing new, you may likely have heard it before in some form or the other but… ‘Old is no less true as New is no more exact’.

Here goes; Each time Adversity knocks at the door of a man, the entire universe waits with baited breath…wait they do, in the hope that he has the correct response. He can either respond with fear and result in failure or with courage- producing what we call greatness. Both options are always available to a man, and he is able to display either to varying degrees- but to choose, each must.

Here is the thing, Adversity passes by your door each day and each day without fail it knocks….It knocks bearing tidings both good and bad. What comes to you is merely a product of your choice. Here is what I find most interesting….Even Adversity, each time it knocks, knocks in the hope that it will find courage on the other side of the door….For Adversity is but Opportunity dressed in rags.


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