A dark and viscous fluid in place of my blood;

It flowed once; lively, warm and bright crimson.

Eyes- once shiny and curious now a lifeless pod.

Limbs that move not, ears that cannot listen.

A curiosity as many people stop to stare;

Each having in mind a skewed version of my history.

‘Frozen still by fear’ or ‘Calcified by too many a care’

So go the stories, though truth remains a mystery!

Shifting of sands back and forth, days pass;

For all the lost opportunities, I mourn, tearless-

As only the ‘Living’ benefit from time and chance

But I am more than dead though in life, less.

Am I because I can’t or I can’t because I am?

Came I here by force or am I a slave willing?

Mighty waters of destiny held back by a dam,

Great pity for the shackles holding lie only within!


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