A Gift is not enough

There is this aura associated with being gifted. Lets face it, the whole world admires talent, charisma and genius. As such, we have come to place such a premium on these things to the point where we have elevated them to  being the sole criterion by which all men may be assessed. So, in many cases the world falls neatly into two camps- the gifted and well…..the rest.

Scripture teaches different. I’m still on the story of David, now on the 18th Chapter. Here, I discovered something quite challenging. David was good looking, a talented musician and fast becoming a skilled warrior. To top that he had recently been anointed as King of Israel. Good enough right? No! Regardless of all these things, we see that David still had to be schooled in some things. Keeping his father’s sheep, he learnt to be hard working and faithful. Running errands for Saul and playing the harp for him in his distressed state, he learnt to deal with difficult people. Even when Saul sent him on dangerous missions with odds stacked against him, it was simply providing David with opportunities to hone his war craft and build his courage.

In the end, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to us that David made a better king. He developed his Character. His anointing made Him king, his skills enabled him to rise to the occasion but His character kept him there and sustained him.

Gifts and a balanced character helped a  shepherd boy become the greatest king of Israel. How is your character?


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