Who do you question?

I was going through the passage in the Bible where Samuel was to anoint David as the second king of Israel and discovered something quite interesting. In times past I’ve always focused on David or Eliab(matter for another day) or Jesse but this time, the Lord drew my attention to Samuel and this time, not just to the fact that he almost let appearances deceive him(Sometimes what we know keeps us from what we should know).

He received a word from God to go to the house of Jesse and anoint a king from among Jesse’s sons. There is no record of Samuel knowing Jesse previously or the number of sons he had. It would have been a convenient assumption that after Jesse had made the last of the seven pass by the aging prophet that there was none left. Yet, he asked ‘Are there yet any sons’? some quick points-

  1. He knew clearly God’s Instruction
  2. He kept in mind the Integrity of God
  3. He questioned the situation rather than His Master

He didn’t turn to God and launch a tirade…’Oh Lord you made me come this far for nothing!’ ‘Can you see there is no son to be anointed’? He didn’t allow his situation dictate to his revelation, instead he queried the situation to meet up with his revelation. He also didn’t just turn around and give up, he persisted. ‘We will not sit until the last son is brought out!’.

What are we doing with the revelation we have received from God? How do we respond when it seems like our eyes cannot see what our faith can? Do we walk by faith or by sight? I challenge you today, trust in God and in His word. If He said it, He won’t do it…..its already Done!


One thought on “Who do you question?

  1. Appearance almost always deceive us all… On another hand, because people will always react to what they see and more often develop and dwell on a perception from it, it will be great to make certain that they see the right things!! Who are you when you think noone is looking?

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