Dreams are over-rated

I can mentally picture an angry mob chasing me down the street. Blasphemies such as my title are surely punishable by burning at the stake.

Please hear me out!

The story of Joseph has brought inspiration to millions of people and one of the cardinal lessons we are taught is to dream BIG. As they say if you can dream it you can be it. And so we dream…..

However, a closer look at the story makes me realize that Joseph’s dreams were not some noble, grandiose concotions of his mind but a direct revelation from God Himself.

That, was why prison or pit could not keep him from the palace, it was all divinely ordained. The mistake we make is that we hatch something up and bring it to God to bless it but we must learn to trade in the words of Oswald Chambers ‘Our UTMOST for His HIGHEST’.

So friends you dont need a dream, you need divine revelation from the word of God. Nothing is more steadfast…..’Heaven and earth will pass….’ but His word abides forever.


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