‘Go Slow’

Forced patience and the illusion of progress,
Each man driven solely by his ambition.
Alliances and feuds made and broken in an instant
Its the death of courtesy and the funeral of manners.
The endless hum of engines and envelope of choking fumes…
Worried about the ozone layer or is it the gas chamber?
Blinking lights of direction spur us to aggression,
The sea ahead certainly has no room for one more!
A myriad of expletives and a string of curses…
The gods scamper about wondering who to answer!
Today its the turn of the verbal pugilists…
Somehow the sword always stays in the sheath.
A fist fight without the fists…..merely a dance!
But when the blows do rain?Oh how they pour!
On that day,your strength better not be poor!
An open hood,a helpless look…no samaritan in sight.
The contraption silently protesting callous overuse.
Inch by inch with all the speed of a snail,
Till that moment….the moment of freedom….
The tortoise becomes a mustang in full stride!
Home in sight and so we run…Oh how we run!
But you know the saying-‘he who fights and runs’…
May tomorrow’s battle find you weapon in hand.


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