A fountain as high as it is deep,
Soothing the soul to peaceful sleep.
It refreshes and fills with vigour.
It satisfies…NO! Leaves you wanting more.

A hunger so brutal,so fierce.
A yearning so pointed it can pierce.
A thirst too fiery to slake,
Mouth wide open for all it can take

All around,wide open spaces;
Room enough for a hundred faces.
Out in the rain beneath a million drops,
The steady cadence as they fall never stops.

Stuffy? No! Claustrophobic.
Paralyzed? Most definitely, Catatonic!
Heaving,gasping,struggling for breath.
Bone chilling though there be fire in the hearth!

Flow undulating,sinusoidal;
Here its departure,there its arrival.
Longing,desiring to find a fit
For as long as this heart has a beat.


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