The ease of ‘unease’, the unease of ease
The weakness of might and the might of weakness.
The humble is aloft yet,the haughty abase!
To hold back and only end up in lack
To spread and end up with bountiful bread.
The freedom in submission,the slavery of independence;
Surrender begets victory…struggle? Sure defeat!
Contentment is profit,craving for more-abject poverty.
The wisdom of folly and the folly of wisdom;
To know is to ask,the more the understanding
The more apparent the lack of it.
In order to get all,you must forsake all
To live is to die and to die is life.
It ended at the beginning and began at the end….
The omnipotent, a suckling babe
The messiah, a common criminal.
Victory to darkness? Two short days!!
Love in a thorny crown,grace in a metal spike,
The price of mercy-blood and the prize of brutal torture-healing
A rough-hewn Roman cross…the source of our salvation.

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