More than a song

Have you ever tried to sing a song to express a particular situation,feeling or emotion to God and you find that the words of the song just don’t cut it? Ever been in ‘the mood of worship’ and you seem to be knocking against a brass ceiling?
It just seems like the words are not enough,they sound a wee bit shallow when compared to the depths about to break loose within you!

I’m guessing the answer is yes,though the frequency of occurrence does vary from person to person. Since its a yes then you’ll also agree that this can be a very stifling experience,very restrictive. So the million buck question is why?…..

I’ve found that this is because of two very erroneous assumptions on our part. The first is that we assume that worship must be a song. Secondly we think that worship in song must be done using traditional songs of worship.

The psalmist tells us that we should sing a ‘new’ song unto the Lord(Ps 144:9). This means that in worship in song we should feel free to make up our own stuff….it helps us to express ourselves more accurately. It helps us stay in the presence of God without the frustration of feeling hemmed in(with regard to expression).
The point is say(or sing) what you mean no matter how it may sound! So feel free…let go of your inhibitions and open up the true content of your heart to your maker.

To be continued…

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