The Parable of the tuning fork.

The tuning fork is an interesting musical instrument. I spent sometime thinking about it and it offered some really great insights into this great mystery we call life.
It works in a very simple way…each is produced to give off a specific note(a particular frequency of sound waves). So,the tuning fork is struck against a hard surface and allowed to eliminate some unwanted frequency until it achieves a clean frequency at which it gives off a clear sound corresponding to a musical note.

This is pretty much the same with our lives…each of us is designed to give off a particular frequency but we cannot achieve this unless we are ‘struck’ by an encounter with God. Without this encounter it is impossible for us to achieve anything. We are set into motion by God because He is the one who designed each of us to specification. Even then its not enough because we need time for him to work out all the unwanted frequencies from our lives. Its never a day’s job. Relating with God takes time for him to work on us until we are in total resonance(sameness of frequency) with Him.

One last thought…after the fork has gone through the eliminating processes,it can then be used to tune other musical instruments i.e. to set them at resonance with itself.
God desires to use us to tune the lives of others around us if an only if we submit to HIS working in our own lives. His aim is one big resonant family and we are his tuning forks…..Are you in resonance with God today?

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