Just a thought.

My attention this time is focused on a seed. A seed represents so many things: continuity,potential,hope among other things. However,the one thing a seed never represents is permanence! A look at all the things mentioned above and you’ll find that they are all transient concepts. In other words a seed was never meant to remain a seed!

Imagine then a seed trying to be “the best seed” it can be,trying to develop itself. The idea is itself very weird. There is really only one way, a seed can ever achieve its full potential….it must die. It must yield its entire ‘seedhood’ in order to embrace something greater.

You,my friend are a seed. You represent continuity and potential. However,to ever realize this potential you must lose yourself. Even Jesus was Just a seed but to become more(the saviour of mankind),he had to die. He would have remained the only begotten but thanks to his death, he is now the first begotten- with you and I in tow. Even the new birth follows this principle! Your old self(the seed) must die to realize the new self(harvest). Like our saviour, we must die, and be buried in order to emerge a new being.

Your money is a seed, to become more you must lose(sow) it. Your time,your talents…indeed all that pertains to you are seeds.

The place of a seed is beneath the earth-why is yours still in your hands?

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One thought on “Just a thought.

  1. Interesting theory, how does one become more in death? I suppose that was metaphoric for dead to sin or anxiety, or well generally transient as it pertains to moving or evolving through every phase of life!
    I rather like the thought trail {you absolutely just have to do what I do, eh? :)}

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