Fishers of Men

Mark’s account of the gospel is a very fast paced drama that jumps straight into the thick of the action with a rather brief introduction. Very striking is the scenario we find played out in verses 16-20 of the very first chapter.

Here,we find Jesus calling his very first disciples. First we observe where they were called from…their everyday life. Secondly, they were everyday people…there wasn’t anything special about being a fisherman in Galilee.

In other words,God is very much interested in using regular everyday folk like you and me. It wasn’t about culture or education or status or anything of that sort.(See previous blog My-faith-on-my-sleeve).

The first pair Andrew and Peter were “casting their nets” in other words they were actively engaged while the second group(James and John) were “mending” theirs that is to say they were dealing with down time. Yet,Jesus called both groups meaning that it doesn’t matter what phase you are in life whether up or down you can be called.

Yet,by far the most interesting thing in these verses was the instruction of Jesus…he said “follow me…”. Jesus needs disciples..and their job is to follow him. Its their primary assignment. It comes before all else. Then he said “I will make you…” The true fishers-of-men are made. You must be submitted to the process first of following the master,then being made by him before you can go out there to fish men.

Have you rushed out with your net?forgetting that the master’s first need is for disciples before fishers. Have you neglected his making process,avoiding the moulding into his image? Then you need to step back. Retrace your steps in scripture so as not to miss it. Hold that thought….

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