Looking at 1 Samuel 16 verses 6 and 7 sends me chills every time. Here we see a man to whom opportunity came. By virtue of being the first son of Jesse, Eliab had first dig at becoming the second king of Israel. After being sanctified by the prophet Samuel he passed before man and God and both had a different verdict.
Man applauded,God rejected! Sad story for Eliab. God’s verdict was that all he had to offer was on the outside. He simply wasn’t a king at heart-all appearances notwithstanding.

Christian you need to be careful. If all that commends you to the things of God are on the outside,you’re doomed to fail. Be wary of the approval of men because you can get carried away forgetting that God (whose opinion matters most anyway) may be whistling a different tune.
Rush-rush sanctification is never enough to make you a tool in the hands of God.

Its time we go beyond this cosmetic variant of spirituality that’s only skin deep.
To be continued…..

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